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What the Flock? A new July 3rd Tradition!

It may look a little silly, but you KNOW it will be a blast!

What a word! Humaflock! So after seeing random posts on Facebook and Twitter, so decided to take a closer look!


The Humaflock is both a group of people from Humarock and an annual event held on July Third on the South River.The group, largely beach bums who have spent their lives enjoying this amazing place, decided to formalize floating down the river with the tide in 2016. Dozens of oversized inflatable swans (and other birds) were procured, and just after high tide on the Third, the Flock set sail on the South River for a casual, fun, and relaxing ride through the bridges.
All are welcome to fly with us and join the Flock for another great time taking over the South River to celebrate Humarock, summer, and Independence Day. 
See you on the Third. Let’s flock!

Check out their website by clicking here!