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Grading Summer 2017…

90 days is NEVER enough…

2017… What’s your take? Putting all personal things and matters aside that is……  We consider the weather, as well as the tides…

Weather – As usual, early June was a wet mess…. the end of June was decent, as was the 3rd and 4th of July. A few wet Saturdays in a row, also skewed (or screwed) our prime boating opportunities….  Is Weather a science?  Or an art?

Tides – Quite frankly, from a beaching standpoint, the tides were not on our sides pretty much all summer…sand covered mid day, nasty currents… Another reason to try to enjoy weekdays/after works hours to enjoy the sand…

As for ‘Spit Specifics’? Other than the trash issues from Memorial Day thru the end of June, the beach was pretty good this year….good people,good attitudes and great times!

Indian Summer will arise, as will cool, but clear fall days…. Don’t let these adventures allude you – check out the Spit and the Rivers in October!

So, in addition to our final grading of Summer 2017, here are some pics to remember it by!

Summer 2017: C+ (passing)

5th Annual Bocce Tournament & Beach Party

Let the games begin!bocce

Who will take the trophy this year?

Who will take the trophy this year?

It’s time….bocce time!  Our third annual Bocce showdown is going to take place this Saturday…

Get your partner, get your team name, and drop us an email to register! 

Send your information to: SpitDude@aol.com


  • Meet between the 10-12 buoys, on Saturday, September 2nd, @ noon!

  • Single elimination

  • Balls provided

  • No transportation available, however, boats can be rented from the local marina: Roht Marine (781) 837-2322


Win or lose, you'll have fun!

Win or lose, you’ll have fun!

SpitDudes Clearance Sale @ Heritage Days!

Even If your name isn’t Clarence – We will have clearance!

Heritage Days is always our main event each summer, however, this year, we will be having a sale to clear the deck for 2018!

$10 Youth T’s, $20 Youth Hoodies…… Free Gifts for certain purchases, as well as the usual items you want and expect!

Look for the booth with the palm tree!