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The River Race Is Back!

2017 Great River Race

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 10:00 am–3:00 pm

Register today for the 2017 Great River Race!
Saturday, July 22 – Start time 10:00 am

Come join us on the North River and experience one of the most beautiful rivers in Massachusetts. This awesome 7.5 mile race starts at Bridge Street Canoe Launch in Norwell and ends at Indian Head Road in Hanover. Get competitive and race your friends, or take it at your pace and enjoy this outstanding view of the river. All skill levels, from novice to racer, are invited to take part in the race and all ages are welcome (Participants age 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult).  Any type of non-motorized water craft is eligible to enter the Race – even stand-up paddle boards! There is also the “Best Decorated Boat or Boater” division for the less serious, but creative paddler.

Registration begins at 8:30am and ends at 9:45am. The race begins at 10:00am.
If not pre-registered, please arrive by 8:45am. The starting line is at the Bridge Street Canoe launch in Norwell. The finish line is at the Washington Street Bridge (7.5 miles from the Launch). Take out is at the Hanover Canoe Launch.

This year we are offering electronic registration as well as paper registration.
Click here to register online

All participants must have a signed waiver to participate in the race. Click here to sign adult waiver and minor waiver.

Life jackets are required and must be worn throughout the race or you will be disqualified.

To download paper registration form and waivers click here. Or arrive early for day of registration.

This year’s Great River Race is $55 for the first participant per craft. Each additional participant on the same craft is $10. Each registration includes the very collectible Great River Race T-shirt with logo by artist Karie O’Donnell, and waiver fee. Additional T-shirts will be available for purchase after the race. Day of race registration is $60/$15. In the event of a severe weather cancellation there will be no rain date or refund, you will receive your collectible event T-shirt.

Rowing (Sliding Seat Single), Rowing (Fixed Seat Double), Rowing (Fixed Seat Single), Stand Up Paddle Board, Racing Kayak, Kayak Single (Men), Kayak Single (Women), Kayak Double (All), Canoe Double (Men), Canoe Double (Women), Canoe Double (Mixed M/F), Canoe Family (At least 1 child under age 16), Canoe Single, Senior Division 65+, Best Decorated Boat or Boater

Transportation will be offered, free of charge, from the take out point to the racers’ vehicles after the race from 12:00-3:00pm.

After the race, join us as the fun continues at Luddams Ford Park (just a short walk from the takeout). The party will start at 12:00 noon with awards given at 1:00 pm. Awards will be given in each category. There will be FREE hotdogs, a food truck, an ice cream truck, music, kids activities, plus beer and wine for purchase.

Click here to register.
Click here to sign adult waiver.

Click here to sign minor waiver.
Click here to download printable registration form and waivers.
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What the Flock? A new July 3rd Tradition!

It may look a little silly, but you KNOW it will be a blast!

What a word! Humaflock! So after seeing random posts on Facebook and Twitter, so decided to take a closer look!


The Humaflock is both a group of people from Humarock and an annual event held on July Third on the South River.The group, largely beach bums who have spent their lives enjoying this amazing place, decided to formalize floating down the river with the tide in 2016. Dozens of oversized inflatable swans (and other birds) were procured, and just after high tide on the Third, the Flock set sail on the South River for a casual, fun, and relaxing ride through the bridges.
All are welcome to fly with us and join the Flock for another great time taking over the South River to celebrate Humarock, summer, and Independence Day. 
See you on the Third. Let’s flock!

Check out their website by clicking here!


Summer Party @ World’s End! Wednesday!

Kick off your summer at the World’s End Summer Solstice

Yes, it’s really this nice…

Located in Hingham,World’s End, is an amazing take….251 acres of the finest land on the South Shore. It’s a GREAT walking sanctuary, and on Saturday, June 21st there will be a Summer Solstice Celebration with some GREAT live music provided by the Aldous Collins Band. Relax, eat, drink and enjoy watching the amazing sunset over the city of Boston.  It opens/starts at 5pm, and ends roughly at 8:30 after the sunset.

  Click here for more information!


We’ve always thought World’s End would be a GREAT place for a casino and hotel resort, or possibly where the new Paragon Park should sit, but we appreciate nature and undeveloped land. We’ll leave it alone….

If you’ve never walked ‘World’s End’, do it! You’ll plan a return trip.


Take the walk….


World’s End was once an island at high tide, but colonial farmers dammed the salt marsh to grow hay and cleared almost all the trees for cropland. In the 1880s, wealthy Boston businessman John Brewer built a farming estate. In 1890, he hired Frederick Law Olmsted to design a large subdivision. While the homes were never built, four miles of carriage roads remain.

Tides once again nourish former salt marsh through specially built culverts, which promote habitat health and diversity. Grasslands maintained by carefully timed mowing provide important habitat for the birds that depend on them, as well as native plant species. And Olmsted’s designed landscape is preserved through mowing, pruning, cutting, and planting.

World’s End was once one of Massachusetts’ most threatened coastal landscapes. In 1890, plans were drawn up for a 163-house residential subdivision. In 1945, the property was short-listed for the site of the United Nations headquarters, which ultimately found its home in New York City. Twenty years later, it was eyed as a possible site for a nuclear power plant. But in 1967, thanks to local commitment and tremendous fundraising efforts, dedicated residents from Hingham and surrounding communities, and The Trustees, were able to preserve this special place.