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Be Wary Of The Water!

It’s not just the waves and currents that can be dangerous!

The weather is improving, and the sky is bright…. We are closer to summer, but winter is still in the waters!

Be Aware!

Be aware!




Check out Cushing Park…

Cushing State Park

Did you know the there was a Supreme Court Justice from Scituate? And there’s a state park (among other things) named in recognition of him? Or that this park is one of the smallest in the entire United States?

Right off of Neal Gate Street resides the park and burial place of Justice William Cushing and other family members.  There is a small parking area, a mulched path and beautiful stone wall that surrounds the grounds.

A local Scout troop did some work here recently and you can watch the video here.

Justice Cushing also has a plaque on a large rock at the Scituate rotary.

Why was he so special? When you read the sign at the park you’ll see this progressive jurist shaped early American ideology and was instrumental in the early opposition to slavery.

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