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Scituate Beach Review #3– Lighthouse and Museum Beaches

Stretching out summer!


Lighthouse Beach and Museum Beach are two adjacent beaches within Scituate Harbor.  They’re protected from rough surf and rip currents, and are great family beaches for those with smaller children.lighthouse5

Lighthouse Beach has free non-sticker parking at Cedar Point and also has a couple of cool jetties for walking and fishing.

An added bonus is the unique location of the Old Scituate Light.lighthouse6

Museum Beach along Jericho Road doesn’t have any public parking, but sometimes you can squeeze into one of the side streets.

The sand at both beaches isn’t the best, but both are great for launching kayaks, paddleboards and watching the hustle of harbor activity.


Final grade – B-




Scituate Beach Review: ‘The Spit’

There are many beaches to visit in Scituate, and Brian is going to review em all – starting with our favorite of course!

Scituate Beach Review #1 – The Spit

First, in a series of beach reviews of Scituate for the summer of 2015.  This is coming from a transplant of five years, who moved here for the beaches and boating lifestyle.
The first time I went to The Spit was to test drive my first saltwater boat – an old aluminum 16 foot Mirrocraft with a side console.  I remember pulling up to the beach in a boat – a first for me – and thinking what a unique way to enjoy the surf and sand.
Over the past few years I have been to The Spit numerous times.  It can be challenging for first timers.  Some folks choose to just anchor close to the shore and tie up with friends:spit3
Once you pull up to The Spit, the key is maintaining the buoyancy of the boat.  If the tide is going out, you don’t want to get beached (well, maybe you do if you have a lot of time to kill), and if the tide is coming in you’ll want to keep your boat close to shore.  Another challenge is keeping your bow or stern east/west while the current is ripping north/south.  Use two anchors, or you’ll be getting to know your neighbors really well!
The week vs the weekend is key.  If you like solitude, pick a weekday:
If you want to be part of the scene you may want to try the weekend:spit2
High tide at The Spit offers smaller spaces and white sand.  Low tide offers tons of room, white and wet sand, tidal pools and access to creeks for exploring.  The Spit is a great family beach, a cool destination spot for boaters looking to tie up and you’ll likely bump into one of your friends from the South Shore.  It’s also great for boat and people watching.
Obviously The Spit lacks facilities so make sure to bring out what you brought in, and lastly, have fun!
Final grade – A-
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Is that Richard Simmons?

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