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Heritage Days Update

Looking for us?

We will be there this weekend, but not in our own booth as in past years.. We will miss it, but, we have made some great relationships with local retailers over the last couple of years are are excited to enter our next chapter of business with the stores, and the web!

We will floating back and forth between Goodies II, and Sylvia’s By The Sea this weekend to make sure they have everything you are looking for!


It’s Time To Float Your Boat!

It’s time…….

The dock’s are in at most marinas, and if yours isn’t , you’d better start making some calls!Summer is coming whether you are ready or not! So DO NOT miss any of it……….. It’s precious time.

We will have a quick blast of summer Friday 5/25, and Saturday where temps will hit 85 degrees! That, in all likelihood, will motivate many boaters to get their act together and get those final preparations done for the season.

Then there are those that are caught in the middle…..Boating purgatory.

Those poor souls that are either waiting for a boat to be delivered, or for a boat to finally be repaired.  Patience is tested annually around this time of year, and the stress levels are high at the repair facilities.

Buying or selling a boat can be synonymous with stress.  If you are buying, the time of year can be a factor, as most people claim the deals are more plentiful in the fall when the season is over.

Selling a boat is always difficult.There are usually many other boats already listed for sale. You need to discount the asking price significantly, or the boat needs to really stand out, and look almost new.

Keeping your boat clean can give it the edge over another boat a prospective buyer may be comparing it to. So keep it clean!

Check out Vessel-Video, an innovative marketing tool for selling your boat.

Spit Stuff for Christmas,Hanukkah and Kwanza….

white fleeceThink Summer…think….. ‘The Spit’…..the spit from 4th cliffthe spit from 4th cliff

Thanks for making 2011 another great year!

Thanks for making 2017 another great year!

 the spit from 4th cliffHappy Holidays to everyone!  If you prefer an easy and hassle free shopping experience – then check out our online store to not only save yourself some money, but to also get your purchases delivered to your door for free!  Heck, we can even ship it directly to your giftee!  

  • 2017 is here!

2013 Hoodies

We also have stocking stuffer items under $10 – so poke around, drop us an email with any questions, and have a great holiday season!white fleece

'collapsable can koozies'

‘collapsable can koozies’

 If you want to peruse some of our items, drop us an email, and we can meet you with a variety of colors/sizes if you prefer to look and touch before buying. We’ll make a house call and/or delivery!

 blue fleece