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Naming Your Boat……

Not everyone names their boat, which may lead you to believe the owner of that boat has no imagination…..However- if I see another boat named ‘Obsession’,’Miss Behaven’,’Liquid Asset’ or ‘Wet Dreams’ I may just go berzerk and do something crazy like tape toilet paper across the boat’s name. (I am too old to get arrested for graffiti or vandalism.)

Those names take less imagination than the person who thinks about one for months or even years, and still may never get around to naming their boat.

Here is a cool name for a boat, Ted Knight would have a tear in his eye….

Judge Smales loved his boat......

Judge Smales loved his boat……

A little summer in your stocking?

It’s that time of year…..some love it, some don’t, and those that don’t probably don’t because of the crowds, the traffic and the endless pondering of what to get for everyone.. Keeping your life simple and fun is part of our plan!  We’ve got plenty of items to tickle the soul of your beach loving family and friends!  

  • Spit Tee’s
  • Spit Hoodies
  • Spit Belts
  • Key Chains
  • Dog Collars
  • Long Sleeve Tee’s
  • 2020 Short Sleeve Tee’s for only $10!

     Thanks for looking, and thank you once again for your business and your excitement about our items! 

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Gaiter Rage!

They’ve been around for many years, very popular the last several, and now, they are almost law! Covid-Sun-Bad Teeth,Bad Breath or General Shyness….. these things come in handy!

Blue Blend…

One size fits all, so unless your head is watermelon clone – this will work!

Available by clicking here, or also available at Humming Rock Gifts..(who also have some face masks too!)